Development Coding Style


Follow the Google style guide with the following exceptions:

Continuous Integration

PSL uses continuous integration (currently Travis) to run several different processes for each push. The specifics of the CI settings can be found in the .travis.yml configuration file and the .ci directory.

General style and lint checks can be run using the .ci/ script:



The tests run in the CI are run through maven using:

mvn integration-test -B

Lint Checks

Lint checks are done using SpotBugs. An exclusion filter is located at .ci/spotbugs-exclude.xml. Documentation on how to write filter statements can be found here. Filters should be written to be specific and as narrow as reasonable.

The lint checks can be run through maven using:

mvn spotbugs:check


Building PSL also involves building the PSL javadocs. When a release is done (a tag that looks like a version is pushed), the documentation will automatically be pushed to the PSL website. See .ci/ for all the details.

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