The following software is required to use PSL:

Java 7 or 8 JDK

Ensure that the Java 7 or 8 development kit is installed. Either OpenJDK or Oracle Java work.

We have had some reports of failing builds using Java prior to 1.7.0_110 or 1.8.0_110. If you have issues with Maven (especially handshake errors), try updating your version of java to at least 1.7.0_110 or 1.8.0_110. This is especially relevant for Mac users where the version of Java is less frequently updated.

Don’t Build With Newer Versions of Java (9/10/11)

Building on newer versions of Java (9/10/11) can cause issues with the build system that may look strange and be hard to diagnose. This means that building from source or the Java interface should only be used with Java 7/8. However, running the CLI should be possible on newer versions of Java.

Maven 3.x

PSL uses Maven to manage builds and dependencies. Users should install Maven 3.x. PSL is developed with Maven and PSL programs are created as Maven projects. See running Maven for help using Maven to build projects.

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